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The Boys’ Brigade in Hong Kong

Quick Stats as at 2012

No. of Companies 235
No. of Officers
No. of Members
Year Founded 1959
Contact Point Angel Ng
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Brief History

BBHK-History Medium

The Boys’ Brigade, Hong Kong roots could be traced as far back as 1910 when Rev. H. O. Spink established the first Company in St. Andrew’s Church in the Kowloon Peninsula. However the Company was closed in 1913. Having been laid to rest for 46 years, BB was once again re-established in 1959 by Mr. J.M. Fraser, Rev. V. N. J. Lowis and Dr. A. Deans Peggs with the establishment of the 1st Company in Union Church Hong Kong. It was five years later that the 3rd Company was formally introduced to local Chinese children. Since then, BB began spreading to the local Chinese churches.

In 1984, The Boys’ Brigade Hong Kong took a bold move by starting a Non-uniformed Group Services and received subvention from the government for the formation of a Children and Youth Centre. Known for their pioneering spirit, the development took a revolutionary turn when BBHK became the first country in BB Asia to accept girls as members in 1986. To cater to youths with special needs, an Integrated Section was also established in sheltered workshop cum hostel for the mentally handicapped.



BBHK-RecentStatistics MediumEntering the 21st century has been a blessing. BBHK has been in its golden years in terms of expansion and social recognition. The number of Companies and membership grew almost triple, in which 40% of Companies were established in schools.

Up to March 2010, there are 280 Companies established with a membership of 9,700 Boys and Girls. BBHK has more than 1700 active adult volunteer officers. The membership is organized into five (5) sections namely the Anchor Lamb (3-6 years), Pre Junior Section (6-8 years), the Junior Section (9-11 years), the Senior Section (12-19 years) and the Integrated Section (Special needs youth). BBHK has also ventured into training development. A training centre, The Anchor House was established at the newly built Christian based Theme Park called Noah’s Ark ( The centre offers professional training services to BB Companies, schools, churches, business and government sectors. The third core service is the School Social Work Service where professional school counselors are employed to provide guidance service for the local secondary school students.

Noahs Ark


Special Highlights & Achievements

Research & Press Conference
A research project about “The influences of Christian Uniformed Groups on Youth Members & Leaders” was conducted between BBHK & Hong Kong Baptist University. The research was conducted in conjunction with the BBHK 50th Anniversary celebration. A survey was conducted feedback questionnaires and interviews and the findings were published in the National press. The results of the survey concluded that there is a positive influence on BB members’ personal growth as a result of the involvement.

Another research survey would be conducted to study the comparison of youths in the BB and youths who are not in the BB. The survey findings would be published at the end of 2010.

New Section – Anchor Lamb
The BBHK has also recently just started another new Section called the Anchor Lamb. The new section is targeted on children between 3-5 years old.

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Award & Recognition from Government & Community
BBHK was awarded the Gold Award for Volunteer Service 2009 from Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Highest Service Hour Award of Hong Kong Community Volunteers from Agency for Volunteer Service. In 2008 BBHK also received an Award for the most hours of training from HKCSS – Citi Continuous Learning Recognition Scheme.

Flag Day 2010


The Flag Day has been a traditional avenue for BBHK to raise funds over the years. The funds collected from the public were used for the development of moral education programs and for the new HQ renovation fund.


Future Plan


Among the plans for the future are:

  1. Enhancing the BB’s image and recognition in the community.
  2. Improving the quantity and quality of our training services, through Anchor House’s service training in Noah’s Ark Theme Park.
  3. Consolidation of District Development Scheme for better support of BB Companies.
  4. Expanding the international network and to widen the BBHK members’ exposure in international ministry.
  5. Initiating BB Ministry in Mainland China.

About Us

On 7 May 2002 , at the East Asia Regional Fellowship meeting held in Bangkok , Thailand , the idea of BB Asia was first mooted and a Pro-tem Committee formed under the chairmanship of Mr Michael Moorthy, the Brigade President of BB Malaysia. The paper entitled 'Extending The Boys' Brigade', proposing the new international confederation came from Mr Lim K Tham of BB Singapore.

BB Asia was officially inaugurated on 26 July 2003 in Johor Baru when BB representatives from Hong Kong , Indonesia , Malaysia , Singapore and Thailand signed a memorandum of agreement giving birth to the regional association.

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